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Wifi Blocking? How to buy?

Cablare una ufficio, installare un bridge, configurare un proxy non è stato così semplice: Scrivi, saremo ben lieti d'aiutarti!

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I want to buy some wifi blocking,but before that, I want to hear some useful advises, is there are someone could help me?
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As for your question , it is illegal oltreppasare the power limits of a frequency transmitters like 2.4 ghz . This is why the only advice I can give you is definitely buying a very powerful device, the more powerful transmission and more chances you have to lock an entire band.

Obviously the number of antennas should also be based on the channels that is intent create interference .

It would be better to build one for you really need and do not buy a device of these types of you proposed .

However then again, it depends on what you need to do . In essence , the more expensive it is obviously the best!!